Where is JFK Long Term Parking Inc.?

JFK Long Term Parking is conveniently located at
155-05 Lefferts Bld. S. Ozone Park NY 11420
For driving directions, please click here. To view a map, click here.

Does JFK Airport Parking Inc. also do short term parking?
YES! Our only requirement is that you stay for 1 full day. So park with us and
stay for as long or SHORT as you need.

How far from JFK Airport is JFK Airport Parking and when should I arrive?

JFK Airport Parking is approximately 5 minutes from JFK. When traveling on a domestic flight, the airlines request arrival at the airport two hours prior to your scheduled departure time. For international flights, the airlines request arrival at the airport three hours prior to your scheduled departure time. Our shuttles will get you to the airport in under 20 minutes. (However, it is wise to check with your airline for specific times and/or last minute rescheduling issues).

How often do JFK Airport Parking Inc. shuttles drive to/from the airport?

JFK Long Term Parking shuttles run as needed! When you arrive at our parking facility and park your vehicle, our staff will help you with your luggage and we will have a shuttle ready and waiting to take you to the airport. When you return to New York, you’ll find our shuttles outside the baggage claim area to take you back to your vehicle.

What are JFK Long Term Parking hours of operation?

JFK Airport Parking Inc. is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What are JFK Airport Parking rates?

JFK Long Term Parking offers excellent customer service at competitive and affordable daily rates at $14.95/day + NYC Tax. Please call to speak with a Customer Service Representative. Rates are subject to change.

Will my vehicle be safe at JFK Long Term Parking?

JFK Airport Parking offers safe and secure parking close to the airport. Our lots are brightly lit and fenced in. Surveillance cameras monitor your vehicle daily.

What if my trip is delayed?

JFK Airport Parking Inc. w

The parking rate at JFK Long Term Parking 12.95/day plus NYC parking tax of 10.375%, A one time per stay Airport Access Fee of $4.00 and a one time per stay $3.00 Service Fee. Rates are calculated as 24-hour days with the start of your first day corresponding with your actual arrival check-in time until you arrive back at the JFK Long Term Parking facility from your trip. JFK Long Term Parking extends to its guest with a 5 hour grace period (after the 24 hour day) will be added on to your actual departure time– before charging subsequent days. Regardless of your reservation your fee is based on actual time at the lot.

An example of this is customer X checks in on Monday at 10:00 AM he is scheduled to leave on Thursday at 2:30 PM, he will only be charged for 3 days, if he returns on Thursday at 3:30 PM he will be charged the 4th day.

What if I get back during a snowstorm?

JFK Airport Parking Inc. provides snow removal equipment and will run snow removal crews 24/7 to plow the lots and open up parking spots until the lots are functional. JFK Long Term Parking Inc. employees clear the lot and have your car free of snow.

What if my questions and/or concerns were not answered here?

You can call JFK Airport Parking Inc. to speak with a customer service representative at 1-718-641-8900. We are happy to serve you.